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What does it mean to truly be rich? That's the question today's guest is answering every day. He is literally redefining rich through his book, his podcast, and his online platform.

Matt Ham's story starts with what he calls a "good life crisis." Not a mid-life crisis, but a crisis rooted in settling for the American Dream as he knew it.

That led him on a quest to redefine rich, with his four principles, an acronym for the word RICH.

R - Recognize you're broken

I - Invest in others

C - Choose gratitude

H - Humble yourself with confidence.

Those might not make much sense until you listen, but when you do, you'll be blown away by Matt's world-changing message. It was so good, that we went for more than an hour, so I broke the episode into two parts. Part one airs today and part two will air next Friday, so come back for that!

About Matt

After chasing the world’s version of richness in his own life, Matt found himself empty. Regardless of his material well-being or his financial prowess, he felt a longing for more. Truthfully, he lived a life rooted in comparison; I was trapped in what I call, The Good-Life Crisis.

Life was good, but then again, it wasn’t.

Matt shares stories, thoughts, and ideas that help uncover life that is truly life, thus answering the question:

“Am I living richly?”

Matt Ham is dedicated to guiding others toward rich living. His own experiences have led him to the understanding and freedom of a rich life, and through his RICH Principles he helps folks uncover true richness, identifying real treasure and discovering true joy and contentment.

A successful small-business owner ranking in the top 1% of all agents in his industry, Matt’s proudest title is that of husband and dad. Matt and his wife, Liz, have three sons under the age of three, of whom the younger two are identical twins. An avid triathlete, Matt trains and competes in races of various distances throughout the year, including the Half Ironman. Matt and his family make their home in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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“Your best is yet to come.” You’ve certainly heard that before. Perhaps, like me, you’ve rolled your eyes at it when a well-meaning parent or friend said it.

“There’s no way I’ll ever accomplish more than I have.”

“I’ll never build my business bigger than it was before the collapse.”

“This is the best job I’ll ever have.”

Have you ever said things like that to yourself?

You hold yourself back when you say things like that. Typically for one of three reasons.

Today, I'll share those three reasons with you and how to avoid the trap of making the past the best of your life. Your best really is yet to come. Listen to today's episode to found out how.

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According to statistics, most of us don't like our jobs. That's a big problem. When we're not doing work we love, we're unable to fulfill our true purpose, our happiness is sapped, and our relationships are often destroyed.

Today's guest can help with that. His purpose is simple: to help people find work they love. He helps others find the career that they were meant for.

I believe that this is important work. Just three decades ago, almost two-thirds of Americans liked their jobs. The divorce rate was lower, the overall happiness of the population was higher, our productivity (in the US) was the best in the world . Today, that is no longer the case.

Have you found work that you truly love? Are you excited about it every day or at least most days? If not, today's episode is for you. Join me and Scott Barlow as we show you how to find work that you love.

About Scott

Scott Anthony Barlow is the Founder of Happen to Your Career, a company that helps you stop doing work that doesn’t fit, figuring out what does and then teaching you to make it happen! He has been helping people develop their careers and businesses for over 10 years as a Human Resources Leader, Business Development Expert, and Career Coach.

With over 2000 interviews experience from his HR career, Scott interviews others telling their story of finding work they love on the Happen to Your Career Podcast .

Scott and his wife Alyssa have 3 children and live in Moses Lake, Washington.

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Can business success lead to business failure? Yes. I’ve allowed it to happen. Seven years removed from my time at one business, I had time to do an autopsy. Here is what I learned.

One of my favorite authors, if you haven’t noticed already is Greg McKeown, author of the book,Essentialism. He writes about what he calls the clarity paradox. The question he asked is:

Why don’t successful people and organizations automatically become very successful?

He then presented four stages which moderately successful business often go through:

Phase 1: When we really have clarity of purpose, it leads to success.
Phase 2: When we have success, it leads to more options and opportunities.
Phase 3: When we have increased options and opportunities, it leads to diffused efforts.
Phase 4: Diffused efforts undermine the very clarity that led to our success in the first place.


The business I was a part of at the time went through all four phases. I’ll share our experience and give you a closeup view, an autopsy of our failed business.

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What if you could create products that connected to your purpose? That's exactly what today's guest is all about.

What's it like to be so stressed out from work that it causes physical problems? Many of you can relate. You know that feeling all too well.

Today's guest was so stressed that he broke out in rashes, suffered debilitating illnesses, passed out on a bus, and ultimately left his high-paying job to start his own company, based on his life purpose...and yours.

About Andy

Andy is the the founder of, the website that helps you create moments that matter. Plum Deluxe was founded in 2007 as an online community to foster a national conversation about mindfulness and connection, encouraging individuals to create moments that matter with friends and family - whether that's hosting a dinner party, going to a yoga class, treating themselves to a spa day with a friend, or just optimizing their daily routines to include more self care.

He started his company to share the lessons he learned from his mother, who lost her 6 year battle with cancer. According to Andy, those 6 years were the best years of her life - her fitness improved, she spent a lot of time with friends and traveling, and her positivity was off the charts. Andy's hope is to help others be more positive and live a good life without the need for a major life event.

His mom taught me that no matter your circumstances, you can choose to create moments that matter, every day.

Plum Deluxe exists to help you decide what kinds of moments are important to you – in order for you to live a life you love.

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How is having a powerful network like being able to skip the lines at the movies? Well, today's guest knows better than most, because that's exactly what he gets to do.

In this episode, we have our first return guest, Mark Sieverkropp, and he's here to tell you how you can skip the lines of life, just like at the movies.

Plus, we'll talk the upcoming Networking with Purpose LIVE event. There's still time to register, so go to the show notes page at to sign-up. Mark and I preview some of the topics of the event and discuss a few of the most asked questions we've received about the event.

Is this event right for you?

It’s decision time. On the one hand, hundreds of people have already registered and are ready to change their world with this information. Others hesitate, wondering if this event is really for them. I guess that depends.

If any of these 5 things describe you, this event is definitely for you:

  • You feel stressed knowing that you don't have the right connections and contacts if you truly need them.
  • You're looking to launch a new business or career this year but don't have the right relationships to help.
  • You feel like you don't have enough time to network and build the right relationships.
  • You're turned off by the slimy, icky feeling you get at "networking" parties or other events.
  • You see others succeeding because of their networking and say, "That'll never be me." (FALSE! It can be you).

On the other hand, if any of these things describe you, you should NOT attend:

  • You already have a powerful network of intimate relationships that you can call on when you need them most.
  • You're rich beyond belief and don't want to make anymore money.
  • You can't find two hours in your schedule to either attend the event live or watch the replay, no matter how life-changing it may be.
  • You're not ready to devote a small amount of time each week to developing a powerful network.
  • You're afraid or unwilling to get past your fears of relationship-building and learn how to connect with people in new ways.

If anything on that first list resonated with you, I invite you to join me, Mark, and John (and 100s of others) for this event. The cost is small in comparison to the impact this event could have on your business, your career, your family, and your future.

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Have you ever worked in an environment so toxic, you just knew you had to get out? But you couldn’t get out…because you needed the job. I’ve been there. Most people have. But there is something you can do about it.

Have you ever said, “I can’t afford to lose this job.” You stayed in a job you hate and it made you absolutely miserable. Maybe that describes you right now. Well, if that is you, I'm here to help.

The fact is that when you are stuck in a job you hate, it is almost impossible to fulfill your purpose and do what you've been called to do.

When you say the words, "I can't afford to lose this job," what you are really saying is: "I have no backup plan."  It means your network is ice cold, that your name is not out in the community at all, and that no one has recently reached out to you about a job prospect. (That is the ultimate sign of a warm network and good visibility…when others are constantly reaching out to you about working for them or others)

So, what do you do when you need a new job and your network is as cold as ice? Well, that's what today's episode is all about.

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