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Have you ever seen a need in the world and felt a passion boil up inside of you? You saw a problem and knew something needed to be done. Then a voice said, "What are you going to do about it?" That's exactly what happened to today's guest. And she chose to do something big.

Today's guest heard all the same statistics that many of us have heard. She saw the same problems. And she decided to do something with the passion she felt for a major issue in the world.

Fifty years ago, there were nearly ten times more trees in the world than there are today. We've lost nearly ten billion trees. So, what can we do about that? How about starting with planting one million?

That's what Caroline Nettle is doing. Her tree planting holidays are helping to address a global problem. All because she took action.

About Caroline

After many years in the corporate world travelling around the globe, Caroline Nettle embarked on a journey of self discovery and healing. Having achieved this, she has decided that what she would like to do with the remainder of her years is to plant trees where they are needed most. Her project, called Tree Planting Holidays, will be offering holidays to those that want to help her to plant a forest in Botswana.

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Today we’re going to talk about networking. No, not the kind of networking you might be thinking of. The kind where you all stand around and that one guy, who’s always overdressed comes up and the first thing he does is slides a business card in your hand and starts talking about himself. Not that kind. I'm talking about the kind of networking where you intentionally build relationships with others and who you can benefit…and maybe they might even benefit you someday.

I’ll share with you today 10 simple strategies for building a powerful network you can USE (yes its ok to use your network) that you can use when you need it most.

The old saying goes: “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Strike that…it’s not who you know, but how well you know them.

The facts of networking

FACT: Every job I’ve ever had in my life came from my network. I’ve literally never worked for someone who I didn’t know or wasn’t referred to me by someone I know. Not once have I ever landed a job because of an application or résumé site. I tried them and they led nowhere.

FACT: Of the 50+ people I’ve hired in my life, exactly one was not a referral from someone else. Everyone I’ve ever hired in my life was the result of a relationship. Except that one guy…and we fired him within a year.

FACT: Every client I’ve ever obtained was the result of my network. Going back to my first business more than ten years ago, every client I’ve ever worked with came to me or was introduced to me by someone else. I’ve never advertised my services because I’ve never needed to.

How do I maintain a large network that keeps growing every week? How do I keep it warm so that when I need it, it’s there for me? Listen to today's episode for all 10 ways.

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There are greater problems in the world, you know, but first start with the world you know. That's the mantra of today's guest, who is truly changing not only his world, but the world of others around him.

Today's guest is truly an ambassador. He is a networker extraordinaire who will show you what it means to build your own brand, even when you work for someone else. He'll share some ways that he has built a powerful network and how to start changing the world by changing the world you know.

About Mike

Mike Ambassador Bruny helps working professionals who are hard at work for someone else’s brand. He helps them have more impact, better connections and create more opportunities for themselves by building their OWN brand. He calls this work, “Brand Inside a Brand Coaching.”

He's worked at Intel for almost 10 years as an Operations Manager and Employee Ambassador Strategist. His philosophy is simple: get to know the people and what they want; let them know what you want; see where you can merge the two as often as possible.

He is originally from Brooklyn, NY, born to Haitian parents and is a former college athlete (football and track).

Outside of Intel, He is a certified life coach and professional speaker at all kind of great institutions of higher learning and conferences like SXSW. He recently created a program called, The New Art of Conference Networking: Hashtags to Handshakes that teaches conference participants and organizers how to transfer online contacts to powerful offline relationships.

He’s helping others to create more impact, better connections and create more opportunities for themselves by building their OWN brand. There are greater problems in the world he knows, but first he is starting with the world he knows.

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It was a miracle that anyone still worked for us. I was a 28-year old executive in a fast-growing company. I was in way over my head.

I had a well-deserved reputation as a hothead and a jerk.

I was feared.

I was cocky.

And the lines of communication between my team and me were beyond cut off. They were non-existent.

So, it was indeed a miracle that anymore still worked for us.

The only saving grace was that there was another leader in the company who was great. His awesomeness apparently made up for me. Plus, I do suppose I had a few redeeming traits.

The good news is that, over time, I learned three valuable lessons. Those are the three lessons I want to share with you today. The three things a leader should never, ever, ever, ever do.

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When I first became a leader (or least when I finally realized I had four other people who reported to me), I knew I needed help. I went to the bookstore one Saturday afternoon and the first book I bought was from today's guest.

I remember reading that book, The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Makeover the next week and along with other books, made me into a much better leader.

I'm honored to introduce today's guest, someone who I consider a virtual mentor and someone who recently has become a great friend, Hans Finzel.

About Hans

Dr. Hans Finzel is a successful author, speaker, teacher and leader.  He has a great legacy in leadership as he served as President and CEO of non-profit WorldVenture for twenty years. He and his wife Donna recently founded a new ministry, HDLeaders, devoted to training leaders around the globe.  Hans is chief leadership guru on the podcast, “The Leadership Answerman.”

Hans is the author of eight books, including his bestseller The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make, the first book I ever bought on leadership. His books have been translated into over twenty foreign language editions. He is a graduate of Columbia International University(BA), Dallas Seminary(ThM) and Fuller School of Intercultural Studies(DMiss).

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Afew years ago, I spent time in a recovery group. My goal in the group was to learn more about why I was often so angry and to learn how to avoid it turning into the rage I so often felt. What I learned along the way was surprising, though. I learned ten amazing lessons about living with passion, leading with purpose, and ultimately leaving a legacy of which I could be proud.

Through the process of attending the meetings and getting to know the members, I learned the most important lesson of all that I want to share before I share the other ten lessons.

When I attending my first meeting, I will admit that I entered with the attitude that myproblems were not as bad as everyone else’s problems. In other words, my poop didn’t stink as badly as the rest of them people there.

If I am abundantly clear, I looked down on everyone else there.

What I expected and what I indeed saw at first was a group of alcoholics, drug addicts, and weirdos. Not the types of people I would otherwise associate with. What I found after only a few weeks were some of my best closest friends and nicest people I’ve ever known.

Hearing about (and sometimes witnessing) their transformation is one of most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

That was the first thing I had to learn, but I learned ten more things that I want to share with you.

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What if the worst day of your life could actually be something that led to discovering one of your callings? That's what happened to today's guest when he rushed to his son's school only to find his lifeless body lying there.

Now, this story has a happy ending though. His son lived and the event led to today's guest discovering one of his callings in life:

To save others from the same fate.

Today I am joined by our first international guest since Farnoosh Brock (who technically lives in the U.S. but was raised in Iran), Niels Kaastrup-Larsen.

About Niels

Niels is a Swiss-based dad, husband, entrepreneur and hedge fund manager turned podcaster. His podcast is the leading podcast within the hedge fund industry.

He divides his time between, his hedge fund, his podcast and his family’s charity

Niels wants to revolutionize the hedge fund industry as well as the way schools are equipped to handle cardiac arrests and other heart related emergencies following his own son’s cardiac arrest in 2011.

The bio could be much longer, but in the end, all you really need to know is that Niels is a father, a husband, and a man who cares deeply about, loves, and admires those closest to him and is humbled and grateful for the opportunity to create, to connect and to serve.

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It's that time of year again...when everyone is thinking about the year ahead. What's 2015 looking like for you? Do you have a clear vision for what you want to achieve and do this year?

Today's guest can help you get clear on your objectives for this year. He's someone I consider to be a mentor and he's the man who originally inspired my blog and ultimately my podcast.

Today, Michael Hyatt and I talk about the power and importance of setting goals and how to make 2015 your best year ever.

Some of the questions we cover are:

Let's be honest...goal setting sounds boring. What’s so important about goal setting?

What's the difference between goals and New Year's Resolutions?

If goals are so important, why don’t some people, maybe most people, set goals?

What are some goals of yours that you hit in 2014?

What do you do when you miss your goals?

Why is dealing with the past first so important?

What do you say to someone who hasn’t dreamed in what seems like forever?

Who should we share our goals with?

How do you use goals as a filter for what you should be doing throughout the year?

From Mark Alan Williams: How does your faith impact how you go about setting goals and what kind of goals that you set?

What makes 5 Days to Your Best Ever stand out from the crowd of products that teach goals?

About Michael

Michael Hyatt is a leadership and personal development expert with a lifelong track record of achieving big goals and inspiring others to do the same.

He is the author of eight books, including Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller. And, he was recently named one of Forbes magazine's Top 50 Social Media Influencers of 2013. Michael is also the former CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, the seventh largest trade book publishing company in the U.S.

Michael is a top-rated blogger on leadership, personal development, productivity and platform-building at, where he has 500,000 monthly readers, over 235,000 Twitter followers, and nearly 50,000 Facebook fans.

Michael has been married to his wife, Gail for thirty-six years. Together, they have five daughters, five grandsons, and three granddaughters. They make their home outside of Nashville, TN.

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