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Do you want 2015 to be a breakthrough year? Today I want to share with you what I’ve realized in the past few weeks as I have been making plans to take my business and life to the next level. I realized there were some clear steps I took in 2014 that made the difference for me.

Today I’ll share 10 Essential Steps to Make 2015 a Breakthrough Year.

The cool thing about these steps is that any single one of them has the ability to open the floodgates for you. Any one of them could single handedly make 2015 a breakthrough year.

My hope is that when you listen, you immediately identify one or two MUSTS for you. I want you say “I know that one or those two will have the biggest impact. Those are the things I must do to make it a breakthrough year." Then I want you to take action on the first one.

So sit back and listen carefully as I reveal what made the biggest differences for me in 2014 and I pull back the curtain so to speak on how to overcome your biggest obstacles and make 2015 a breakthrough year for you.

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You’re probably not a good listener. No offense, it’s just statistically likely. So, the question is then, why are you a bad listener and how do you fix it?

No one wants to be known as a bad listener. No one wants to forget an entire side of a conversation and have to ask someone to repeat. Everyone wants to be a good listener. Few people want to become a good listener. Just like everyone wants to play the guitar, while few want to learn to play guitar.

Today I’m going to share 7 reasons why you might be a bad listener and 7 ways to fix that. All of these are from experience. Trust me, I am a recovering bad listener. It’s something I struggle with every single day.

But I am getting better. Here’s what I’ve learned and how you, too, can be a better listener.

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What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? That is the powerful question that today’s guest asks. Have you ever asked yourself that question?

So, what is it? What is the thing you would do if you knew you could not fail?

Is that what you are doing right now, professionally? What about in your relationships?

Today’s guest is more than a decade younger than me, but I learned a lot from this interview. In fact, I took more notes of my own after listening than I have on any previous interview.

I’ll think you’ll enjoy it and learn a ton as well.

About Greg

Greg Faxon helps people to live deliberately. I love his attitude and purpose.

Greg believes that:

  • Most people live passively. They work hard all of their lives, only to wake up one day with a feeling of emptiness, with no idea where they are or how they got there. Is that you?
  • A small few work smart. These are the people that you probably know who always seem to wake up motivated, happy, and productive. They naturally make more of an impact because they have discovered something…that some this:
  • You don’t have to do what you are told. You don’t have to trade your sanity for success. When you live deliberately, your life becomes a lot less painful and a lot more enjoyable.
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I left the restaurant manager in tears...and saved a dollar on my meal. Neither of those was my intention. To be perfectly honest, I didn't give much thought to what I'd done...and in the process learned how to uncage my heart.

I was in a particularly bad mood when I arrived at the restaurant. It was late. I was hungry. I knew what I wanted and I wanted it now.

I stood with my arms crossed and an obvious look of annoyance on my face. I was the only person in line and yet I was asked to wait.

Shift gears with me. This story isn’t going where you probably thought it was.

I was asked to wait because the person in front of me hadn’t paid yet. She was an employee there.

I looked over as they called to her, themselves annoyed somewhat at having to make me wait for her. She was holding a newborn in one arm and her tray in the other. She was in uniform and my best guess is that she immigrated here within the past five years, not having been born into the privileges which I take for granted every day.

In an instant, I no longer saw the source of my inconvenience. I saw a fellow human being. My hunger subsided. My impatience vanished at the sight of the baby and her struggling mother.

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Are you stuck in a job you hate? One that sucks the life out of you and keeps you from reaching your true potential? Today’s guest knows that feeling. He’s truly been there, done that.

Mark Sieverkropp used the power of networking to find work that he loves, leaving behind once and for all a crappy job.

In today’s interview, you’ll learn about the power of building a network, how to use projects to change your life and the world, and how to escape work that you hate. More than any of his titles, his accomplishments, or his knowledge, Mark is a good friend and someone that I am proud to associate with.

Sit back, relax and enjoy my chat today with Mark Sieverkropp.

About Mark

Mark Sieverkropp is a Podcaster, blogger, author, entrepreneur, connector, leader, consultant and speaker.

He is the author of Project:Success, which climbed to #3 in the Self-Help category in the Amazon Kindle Store. He is also co-host of the Happen To Your Career Podcast, which was a New & Noteworthy Podcast in the Career section of iTunes. Mark is passionate about connecting with others, finding ways to add value to them and helping other people do the same.

Mark is passionate about connecting with others, finding ways to add value to them and helping other people do the same.

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Have you started thinking about 2015 yet? It's a natural thing to do this time of year. We reflect on the year that's been and look forward to the year ahead.

Here's the ultimate question though as you look ahead to 2015:

Are you looking ahead with anticipation or dread?

Is 2015 going to give you the fresh start you're looking for or be a repeat of this year, which was a repeat of last year, which was a repeat of the year before?

Today, I want to share with you a the four keys to setting effective goals to help get you started in the right direction for 2015.

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Have you ever thought of yourself as a prophet? Probably not. After all, what comes to mind when you think of prophets? Perhaps, crazy people from the olden days who walk around predicting the future or calling down fire on a mountaintop.

But you are a prophet. Yes, you.

And it's time to start acting like one.

Your words have immense power! And I want for you to use that power to your advantage.

Today, I share a story about a guy named Tom who prophesied his own downfall. I share what he did and what you can learn from it so that you don't make the same mistake.

Your future becomes what you say about it today. Choose your words wisely.

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You’ve heard me say it before and trust me today won't be the last time I say this. The most effective way to change the world, the most effective way to grow your business, the most effective way to raise awareness for a cause, really the most effective way to accomplish just about anything is to build and nurture a powerful network.

That’s what today’s guest is all about. He not only teaches this stuff, but he uses it in amazing ways, so let’s get right into today’s interview and you can learn from a networking expert.

About John Corcoran

John started his career as a Writer in the Clinton White House, and today is an attorney and Chief Revolutionary behind, where he shows entrepreneurs and small business owners how to turn relationships into more clients and increased revenues.

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I had an interesting experience a while ago as I left my office for the night. I met a seven-year old who I think embodies what it is to be a World Changer. And she probably doesn't even know it. This very brief discussion with a seven-year old really lit a fire in me and was one of the inspirations for this podcast.

Seven-year old Jalen asked me, “Do you like Burger King?

I told her that I don’t and she mentioned that she was trying to sell a coupon for a free burger for a dollar.

“Is that for school?” I asked.

“No. I found it in the newspaper and I’m trying to sell it. It’s worth two dollars and I’m going to sell it for a dollar.”

It's that attitude that I believe more of us need and that's what I share in today's podcast.

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What do you do when you reach the point that your punch-the-clock job is no longer an option? What do you do when you realize that you are virtually unemployable?

Today's guest knows exactly what that is like. Eleven years ago, she made the decision to stay at home with her two sons and to start a new business. After many ups and downs, her new vision is to inspire other parents to create their own successful parent entrepreneur lifestyles. She is encouraging others to make the time and the money to be able to raise their kids and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

About Mary Kathryn Johnson

Mary is the founder and host of Parent Entrepreneur Power, and if you ever asked yourself:

“What Power Tools do successful Parent Entrepreneurs use that I can use too?”

“How do other parents in business successfully juggle their entrepreneurial duties with kids?”

“What resources can I use to stay focused on my Freedom-based business?”

Then Mary is THE go-to expert on the subject.

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The feeling of thankfulness is not accidental. It's not something that you just randomly discover one day or that you suddenly wake up feeling. Thankfulness comes from practice. It is developed intentionally.

In the United States, this is the week that we all are mindful of thankfulness. Perhaps we even share some things for which we are thankful around the table on Thursday, and resolve to be more thankful next year.

And then Friday comes. That thankful feeling is replaced by the same mundane feelings of every other day.

Thankfulness should be an everyday practice. Thankfulness is directly tied to your levels of productivity and performance, and therefore your success at work, your income, and the stability of your relationships.

In short, thankfulness is one of the lynchpins in determining your ability to live out your calling, achieve your dreams, and change the world.

So, how can you be more thankful throughout the year? Here are 9 ways.

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Think back to your darkest days. What were you feeling at the time? What happened as a result? Today's guest has an inspiring story of overcoming serious adversity, some of which he has never shared before, despite recording hundreds of podcast episodes. It will inspire you and teach you.

I'm not going to share much of this guest's story, because he tells it so well. Sit back, relax and learn about overcoming adversity, what the true job security really is, and inspiring solopreneurs around the world.

So join me in a great conversation with a fellow World Changer, Michael O'Neal.

About Michael

Born in Toledo Ohio (Land of Klinger) and a current resident of San Diego (via Philly, Boulder, Denver, and Brussels), today's guest brought home grammar school report cards that always read:  “Doesn’t live up to his potential” and “Talks too much."  One of those pieces of feedback would come in handy, as he is now the founder and host of the award-winning and much acclaimed business and entertainment podcast, "The Solopreneur Hour with Michael O'Neal." The show, which in less than one year has already garnered more than 1 million downloads, features lively and highly engaging conversations between Michael and his various (and often much sought-after) guests.

I'll let Michael share some of the more amazing details of his life and his story, so make sure to listen to this awesome interview!

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Have you ever been so exhausted that you just gave up on a goal or dream? Have you ever faced challenges so daunting that you just quit? If like me you have, you don’t look back on that time with fondness, do you?

That’s because you know deep down inside that the moment when the exhaustion was at its peak, your goal or dream was within reach. When you let the fatigue become an excuse to give up, you give in to the enemy of your dreams. Call it Resistance. Call it the devil. Call it fear. Whatever it is, when you give in to fatigue, you give up on greatness.

Last week, in episode 25, I talked about how to beat fatigue. Exercise, supplements, fresh air, hydration, etc. I shared 11 tips and don’t get me wrong, they are all valid or I wouldn’t have shared them. But there is more to the story than just those.

Sometimes fatigue is nothing more than an obstacle that you have to fight through and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

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What were you doing when you were 21? Well, today’s guest is truly changing the world…and he’s only 21 years old.

Today’s guest is a youngster who makes me feel old. He’s full of energy, doing amazing things, and is out there changing the world. You are going to LOVE his story today.

We talk about how he and his brother are helping to save 10,000 people from dying of malaria.

We also discuss:

  • How he wrote two best-selling books before he was old enough to rent a car
  • Where his inspiration comes from
  • His definition of productivity
  • His top 3 productivity hacks

Join me in a great conversation with a fellow World Changer, Chandler Bolt.

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It's that time of year for many of us. We're trying to hit our year end goals, it's cold and flu season, the days are darker and colder, and for people like my retail clients and me, it's just plain busy. So how do you push yourself and not suffer the consequences? I share exactly how to do that in today’s episode.

I pushed myself to the brink of disaster.

I woke up Christmas morning exhausted, sick, and fifteen pounds heavier than I was two months before. I was at the tail end of a seven-week marathon of ninety-hour workweeks and my body and mind were paying the price.

By Christmas morning, I was mentally and physically fatigued. I had a horrible cold that lasted far too long, and my pants didn’t fit very well. I was an absolute mess.

Sometimes you have to push. That is a fact of life. There are times that call for extra effort, extra focus, and extra hours. But when you do, it doesn’t mean that your body has to end up in shambles.

Today I share 11 things I learned during that rough time and what I am doing differently now.

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It's not every day that I get to interview my favorite podcaster.

Well, that's exactly what I got to do recently.

I was honored to recently interview the great Ray Edwards, host of my favorite podcast, The Ray Edwards Show.

We discuss overcoming fear, his philosophy on business, prospering with purpose, and how he is changing the world. I hope you'll join Ray and I for this awesome conversation.

About Ray

Ray is a copywriter by trade (meaning he writes sales copy, so don’t ask him how to copyright your new widget). He has worked with some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business including New York Times bestselling authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul), and Tony Robbins. He is also a speaker and author, hosts my favorite podcast, and wrote the #1 Amazon Bestseller Writing Riches. Oh, but there is so much more to this man.

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There is a book that has been a surprising source of happiness in my life over the past three years.

It’s a children’s book that has condensed hundreds of years of psychological research into a book that can be read in less than five minutes.

It’s called Let’s Be Happy by P.K. Hallinan and it sums up all that has been said by William James, Martin Seligman, and decades of positive psychologists and other gurus.

As far as impact on my life and ability to inspire, I put it right up there with Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss in the Must-Read Children’s Books category.

In today’s episode I share what this book has meant to me and how you can apply its principles in your life.

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Today, we're going to talk about gossip.

If you're going to live out your purpose and change the world, you have to stop gossip.

Gossip can derail a mission, cripple an organization, and destroy lives faster than almost anything else can. It's poison...and it must be stopped.

But how? If you are overwhelmed at the prospect of stopping gossip, this podcast is for you. It's easier than you think, if you use the four methods I suggest in today's show.

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"Everyone has a story of redemption."

Those words are from today's guest, Sundi Jo Graham. She is living a life of redemption and sharing with others how to do the same. 

In today's episode we talk about how everyone has a story of redemption, how you can find yours and share it with others, today's guest lost 145 pounds (no joke).

Join me in learning how she did that and what lessons you can learn from her journey.

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Distractions and depressions are a normal part of a productive person's life.

A blog reader of mine recently asked:

"Some weeks I'm pumped, focused, energetic, and productive. Life is good and I am checking off my goals one by one. Then I have a week when it feels like I get nothing done. I have no energy or focus. I'm watching TV, reading the news, and sleeping in. What do I do? How do I get consistent?"

Have you ever lost your focus and wondered, “How can I get it back?” That's what today's episode is all about.

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What does it mean to truly FOCUS?

Today's guest, John Lee Dumas, is an expert on the subject. His FOCUS helped him to grow Entrepreneur on Fire from non-existent to a business doing more than $200,000 a month. In the process, he has inspired countless others to follow in his footsteps.

John shares a bit of his journey in this episode, but in the spirit of the topic, we kept this focused on one topic: FOCUS

His acronym is:






Find out what that means in today's episode and learn how to stay focused until you reach success.

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To this day the sound of velcro tearing on a golf glove draws me to attention and puts me in a zone.

Why is that? Well, in a way, that's what today's episode is all about.

Today, I'll share with you six ways to help you get in the zone.

What is "the zone" exactly? Perhaps in 2014 terminology, we could call it a "flow state" or just "focused."

I've always liked the phrase "in the zone" though because it conjures up an image of being in a physical and mental place (the zone) that I can actually go to.

So, how do you get "in the zone?" Listen below to today's episode to find out the six strategies and techniques I use to get in the zone and really focus.

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Are you like the 99.997% of people who struggle with self-doubt?

Have you wanted to do something amazing, launch a product, or start a movement, but let fear cripple you?

Well, today's guest knows a thing or two about overcoming self-doubt, tackling fear head on, and starting something world-changing.

His name is Jared Easley and in today's episode we talk about his journey, what it's like to interview world changers around the globe about how they starved their doubts, and how he started a MOVEMENT...literally.\

He's interviewed guests such as Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, and many more, but the true value of this interview lies in his story.

So sit back, relax, forget about your fears and doubts and join Jared Easley and I for an amazing conversation.

About Jared

Jared is the host of the Starve the Doubts Podcast, where he shares his conversations with successful entrepreneurs and high achievers on how to overcome self doubt. I’ve been a past guest and I assure you that it is one of the most unique and informative podcasts out there. Jared is also the co-founder of the Podcast Movement, a conference which just wrapped up its first year and from all accounts was a resounding success.

That is a major focus of this he took that from concept to must-attend, world-changing status and what you can learn from that experience.

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Competition is a powerful fuel for motivation.

Competition helps us to get and stay motivated. It helps us generate new energy when we are stagnated.

Let’s face it, most of us are competitive to some extent. We are competitive with each other, with ourselves, with time. If we are playing a sport, I want to beat you, plain and simple. Sure, I will enjoy the game either way, but the fact is I will get more enjoyment out of it if I win.

Today, we’re going to discuss how competition can be the fuel to drive you to success.

PLUS, fives ways that competition pushes you to the next level in business and five ways you can use competition in your personal life.

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What is your WHY?

Your WHY is what drives you. Your WHY explains everything that you do. And today’s guest, Ridgely Goldsborough, will help you find your WHY.

I’m so excited about this episode because I get to share not only an interviewbut alive exercise as Ridgely Goldsborough helps me to find my WHY.

After the interview and exercise, which was recorded more than two weeks ago, I share the results. This exercise has helped me in so many ways, and finding your WHY will help you, too.

It will change your life and help you to change the world.

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Have you ever found yourself in a funk and not been able to get out, no matter what you do?

It’s that time of year again. For a lot of us the weather is changing. We’re spending less time outdoors, more time cramped up inside with the heat on, the dry stagnant air, and the days are getting shorter and shorter.

It's easy to get into a funk. But how do you get yourself out of it?

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What are your passions?

If you read my recent post, Do You Even Know What Your True Dreams Are?, you know what I am truly asking. Even if you didn’t, you still know what I mean on some level. What wakes you up in the morning. What keeps you up at night? What has always fascinated you? What questions do you want answered?

Now, how can you make money from those passions? That’s what today’s episode is about.

Today, I interview former rockstar (seriously, he toured the country in a rock band) A.J. Amyx.

We discuss his background, what it was like to give up is identity as a rockstar and trade it for something so much greater, and how to get paid for your passions.

About A.J.

Aj Amyx is the Creator’s Mentor, Host of AMYXtv and founder of the Passionpreneur Academy.

Some people say he’s a business coach, smart marketer, consultant, brother or a free spirit. At his core, he just wants to help people get paid from their passions and make a difference in the world – since that is what he gets to do everyday.

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I've made a ton of mistakes as a leader. Just ask anyone I have ever led…or read some of my previous posts here.

Ask my wife, my co-workers, my direct reports, my business partners, and bosses. You might want to block off a week or four to do it though.

But I made one big mistake that I didn’t even realize until now. One that led to almost every other mistake I made.

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Team members at work want the same things we all want in every aspect of life.

I want to be trusted. I want my boss to believe in me and trust my judgment.

Replace the word “boss” with “spouse” or “parents” and the sentence above is still true. The leader-team member relationship is no different from any other relationship.

I want to control my own destiny. I want to have a voice in my career.

Replace the word “career” with “marriage” or “education” and the sentence is still true. We all want a sense of control and we all want a voice.

We’re continuing the series on the 8 Things Your Team REALLY Wants with part two today, #5 through #8.

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How do you find a community to support you when you need it most?

How do you transition from work you can hardly stand to work you truly love?

How can you share your voice with the world?

That’s what I talk about with today’s guest, a World Changer just like you me, Tammy Helfrich.

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“But we pay well, have free food, and a company arcade. This is a great job”

Those were the words of the leader of a fast-growing startup (we’ll call him Simon) who was hemorrhaging team members. As fast as he could hire one person, it seemed like two were out the door.

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What's it like to retire at the age of 27?

Austin Netzley knows. Or does he?

That's a topic we explore in today's episode along with much more.

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I always thought I was the smartest person in the room.

OK, so I still struggle with that major fault, but when I first became a leader seven years ago, my ego was uncontainable. To make matters worse, I based my vision of leadership on what I call “the myth of the solitary leader.”

To me, leadership was personified not by the coach getting hands-on with his team but by icons such as Bill Gates secluding himself in a cabin for a week to think big things. That was my vision…the solitary leader who single-handedly uses his genius to solve every problem, launch every new initiative, and change the world. I would, in my dreams at least, become a superhero, a caped crusader for my causes, and surely everyone would buy in to everything that I wanted to do.

The only problem was that I was wrong. Very wrong.

That's the topic of today's podcast. I share my struggles with this and the 3 reasons solitary leaders fail at decision making compared to a group.

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So who exactly am I and why do I call myself (and you) a World Changer?

Well, that's what today's episode is all about.

As we close down Launch Week, I wanted to spend the last day sharing my story. It's not all that special, if you don't count the 42 years of potential prison, the four firings (once by my own dad), and the countless failures, successes, and amazing breaks along the way.

In this episode, you'll see why I say, "My name is Matt and I am a World Changer."

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What are the habits of the wealthy?

They could very well be the same habits that help one to have a great marriage, be a great parent, live a long, health life, and ultimately change the world.

I was honored to recently spend more than an hour interviewing best-selling author, Tom Corley about some of the Rich Habits he has discovered and shared in recent years. Tom understands the difference between being rich and poor: at age 9 his family went from being multi-millionaires to broke in just one night.

For five years, Tom observed and documented the daily activities of 233 wealthy people and 128 people living in poverty. He discovered there is an immense difference between the habits of the wealthy and the poor. During his research he identified over 200 daily activities that separated the “haves” from the “have nots.” The culmination of his research can be found in his #1 bestselling book, Rich Habits – The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.

His new book is Rich Kids: How to Raise Our Children to Be Happy and Successful in Life and you can win one of FIVE copies right here. 

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If you want to change the world, there are certain attitudes you must adopt.

They are non-negotiable, absolutely essential to success, and you will notice them among all successful people.

So what are those attitudes? Well, you'll have to listen to Episode 006 to find out.

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Farnoosh Brock is a career expert among other things and has an inspiring story. She is an immigrant from Iran (she taught me how to pronounce it correctly). We discuss her four steps to overcoming a victim mentality, how to have an abundance mindset, how to get spousal support for your dreams and goals, and so much more. Farnoosh has an inspiring immigrant story, is a successful entrepreneur, and is helping others to live prolificly. She is definitely a world changer.

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World Changers, it is your job to see things as they should be first and then put those visions into action. Every great athlete uses detailed, clear, vivid visualizations. I didn’t know it at the time but I learned valuable lessons about leadership success growing up playing golf and working with a sports psychologist. Everything he taught me about golf performance applies to anything in life. Here's what I learned and what I use today.

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Have you ever heard (or asked) questions like these?

"Why do we have to go through all this change?"

"When is someone going to train me?"

"Who dropped the ball?"

If so, then John G. Miller's message on "Personal Accountability and the QBQI" is right for you.

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You are what you see. You become what you think about. You usually achieve only what you see yourself achieving. Your success as a leader is limited only by what you can picture in your mind. Your income is limited only by how much money you think you can make. Positively visualizing your goals as achieved (in the present tense) is one way to get yourself thinking bigger and living successfully. Here's how to do it.

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We did it! The first episode is here! I cannot tell you how excited I am.

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